5 Fashion Tips To Look Effortlessly Chic

Everyone knows that looking good isn’t about how much you spend or even the labels that you wear. Nope, it’s all about how much effort you put into your style. Or, rather how much effort it looks like you put into your style. If you want to seem cool, breezy and fashionable than you need to master the ‘I don’t really care’ look while still appearing ultra trendy. We’ve got some great ways on how you can do this.

Pull Off The Pull Over

If you want to look cool without trying, just find a big, baggy jumper. People with slender frames are best suited for this one. It makes them look slimmer and sexier while also suggesting that they might have just wandered out of their room from a nap in bed. When in reality everything from their makeup to their hair is on point and been styled for at least an hour. You can add a little hipster vibe to this with a sweet fedora or a stylish mini skirt that is virtually completely covered by the jumper. You’ll see a lot of pop icons rocking this look and still looking like goddesses on the streets of NYC.

Mid Vape

In the past, if you wanted to look cool and carefree, you’d light up, letting the cigarette hang lazily in your hand. But now, things are a little different. Thanks to a clever and consistent marketing campaign by health advocates, cigarettes have been cast out of fashionable society. Now, there’s a better alternative, and that’s vaping. The best part is that with dry herb vapes it can even be good for you, soothing the mind of stressful thoughts.

The trick with vaping is all about releasing the right way. Let the liquid drift from your mouth with your lips pursed together and you’ll look fantastic, ready for your fashion shoot.

Bangle Baby

Add a few bangles and bracelets to your arm. Make sure they have a few weird and wonderful colors, and you’ll look like you don’t care about matching accessories while still seeming ultra stylish. Choosing some great little bracelets is also a great way to draw attention to your arms and away from other body areas that you’re not as confident with. Don’t worry about using the same style of bracelet either. You can match expensive gold varieties with cheap elastic friendship bands.

Showing Off…Just A Little

Finally, If you want to be effortlessly sexy and glamorous, you want to show a little skin. But don’t flaunt it. It needs to be a little more subtle, and the best way to do this is by showing skin in unexpected ways. So, you might wear a formal blazer with matching pants and underneath the blazer, a lovely loose crop top. Showing a little of your stomach demonstrates that you won’t conform and that you have the body figure to pull it off. The Jenner sisters have totally mastered this style, and you can see it in a number of their publicity snaps.

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