4 Fashion Wedding Roles Explained

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Weddings are fashion hotspots for everyone involved. During the ceremony or reception, you’re sure to fall under some level of scrutiny. It’s the reason we spend weeks, maybe even months, deciding what outfit would be best for the occasion. It’s no easy task! And, the level of scrutiny you undergo increases depending on your role in proceedings. Top points go to the bride, of course. It’s her dress that everyone’s there to see. But, even guests need to put a fair amount of effort into their appearance if they want to survive the day.

With so much pressure on that one outfit, it’s all too easy to freeze and lose all inspiration. You may find yourself trudging around shops, all out of ideas. And then, the joy of the day has gone before it has even begun! The good news is, there are a few tips you can fall back on when all else fails. Of course, these again vary depending on what part you’re playing on the day. That’s why we’re going to look at the fashion considerations each should make!

The Bride

As the bride is the main event, it makes sense to start here. You will want to ensure you’re the most breathtaking woman in the room. The good news is, you’ll have that covered by being the one to walk down the aisle. But, you want to look good doing it, right? The chances are that you already have some idea of what your dream wedding dress will look like. That’s useful as a starting point, but it’s also important that you attend fittings willing to be amazed. We’ve all seen the films; the perfect dress is always the one she dismisses straight away. So, perhaps your least favorite is the one you should try on first!

It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to stick with the traditional options. There’s still something important about the idea of wearing a traditional white gown. But, more brides are stepping away and opting for two-piece numbers, or colored dresses. It’s a bold move, but how better to make an impact?

It’s also worth remembering that you have a guide to fall back on in moments of despair. Remember: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue? This old superstition can go a long way to helping you with inspiration. It may be that your something old is a vintage wedding dress. If you buy it new, it counts as your something new, too. Or, if you borrow it; that’s another point ticked off the list. Don’t think that you’re tied by the belongings of your loved ones for your something borrowed, either. Sites like happilyeverborrowed offer the opportunity to borrow some amazing pieces. Just remember to return them!

The Groom

Guys; this one is for you. You may not have been dreaming about what you would wear on your wedding day for years, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look amazing. For the most part, your job is easier. A tux is a tux, right? But, there’s no reason why you can’t make things a bit more exciting. The thing that’s going to make a real difference for you are the accessories you choose.

Do you want to wear a hat? Bow tie, or regular tie? And what about the shoes? Quirky choices will set your outfit on fire, making your traditional tux something to remember. If you want to go all out, you could even opt for a colored option. Be careful here, though. You may think that bright orange tux is a genius idea, but your bride may not agree. You don’t have to talk things through with her if you want it to be a surprise, but make sure it’s a style you know she’ll appreciate!

The Bridesmaids

Ever the bridesmaid and never the bride? We feel your pain. But, look at the silver lining: your outfit choices are easier than most. The bride will do the hard work for you. She’ll choose the dress, shoes, and bags. All you need to do is wear them. Of course, that could have its downsides. Some brides get funny ideas about what their bridesmaids should be wearing. For the most part, you should respect that this is her day.

The dress might not be to your personal style, but you’d wear a bin bag if it made her happy, right? If you think she’s made a strange choice, don’t be afraid to talk it through with her in a tactful way. She’s under so much pressure with her outfit that you bridesmaids may suffer the choice of a stressed out mind. It’s also important that you attend fittings whenever you need to. Having an ill-fitting dress on the day is not the best way impress. And, there’s going to be enough eyes on you throughout that you’ll want to look as good as possible!

The Guests

In a lot of ways, you could argue that the guests have the hardest time in the run up to the wedding. Everyone else has a guideline of sorts, but guests are left to their own devices. The thing to bear in mind is that you can set your own guidelines. For example, you could always take your inspiration from the season of the wedding. This blog post about what to wear to a spring wedding is worth a read if you have a wedding come up next March or April. And, a bit of internet research will lead you to similar guides for all seasons!

It may also help to talk a little to the bride. Obviously, she’ll want to keep a lot under her belt about the color scheme of her day. But, there’s nothing worse than turning up in the same color as the bridesmaids! To help her keep some sense of mystery, ask instead about colors of dresses you like. That way, she can give you a simple yes or no answer!

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