Featured Fashionista: Katelyn from KatalinaGirl Shares 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Outfit


This week’s featured fashionista is Katelyn Herlein, founder of katalinagirl.com. Katelyn began her blog in August 2012, the summer before her senior year of college. “[At the time] I was living on the beach in South Carolina for 4 months, which gave me an ample amount of time to plan, get inspired, work with a web design and really just figure out the ins and outs of blogging,” she says.

Katelyn’s blog has also opened multiple opportunities along the way. “I’m blessed to say that I’ve had quite a few amazing opportunities come out of my blog… First and foremost it has landed me every job I’ve had since 2012: My day job at Meredith Corporation as the E-Commerce editor of DivineCaroline.com, my freelance writing and styling job for Juice Magazine, and my personal shopping & styling business. I’ve also had the chance to go to myriad New York Fashion Week events over the last two seasons—there’s nothing better then taking the corporate jet to NYFW!



Besides landing a few dream jobs, it’s connected me some pretty amazing bloggers, some of them I now call my best friends. Last year I teamed up with 3 other bloggers to create the Midwest Bloggers collective and joined an amazing group of ladies as the Director of Social Media for Go Blog Social. Being an inspiration and connecting with people has brought such joy into my life in a way I didn’t know was possible. Whether I’m inspiring someone to chase his or her dreams or making them feel confident in there clothing, there really isn’t a better feeling knowing your impacting someone in a positive way.”

Blogging has not only been a dream-come-true for Katelyn, but also has impacted her writing perspective. “My blog has been a serious learning process. Although I’ve had great opportunities to learn about the blogging and fashion world, the craziest part is how much I’ve learned about myself along the way. Yes, my job and blog have improved my writing skills—I only minored in journalism—but there’s so much more to it then a few grammar mistakes. I’m not perfect, nor do I pretend to be. Life in itself is a learning process and so is my blog. My blog has taught that you have to stand on your own with confidence and a fire in your soul. Nothing is given to you so don’t expect it. It’s important to be who you are and blog for yourself, no one else. Eventually after a lot of hard work, people will follow.”



Below, Katelyn shares her secrets on putting together a flawless ensemble.  Check out her 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Outfit.

  1. Wear your personality: It’s so important to dress for yourself and feel confident in what you have on. Don’t overthink fashion and don’t let your friends, family or social norms decide what YOU wear. It’s your body, dress it how you want. Just remember to love yourself.
  2. Start with one piece: I always start with one piece whether that’s a shirt, dress, necklace or shoes and build around it. My best tip:  keep in mind that most of the best outfits are the ones you keep simple.
  3. What’s important to you: Figure out what’s important to you. For me, comfort is key. I definitely dress in things I’m comfortable in. Hone in on what’s practical and what fits your lifestyle to help inspire your day-to-day looks.
  4. Fashion can be wallet-friendly: Don’t think that having good style is synonymous with spending a lot of money. I shop a lot at places like Forever 21, H&M, ASOS, Zara and I’m a major bargain shopper. Creativity is key, not money.
  5. Take inventory of your closet: Keeping your closet clean and organized will help you create better outfits. Make sure to plan a closet purge a few times a year. That way you have a better idea of what you have and what you need to invest in. Need help with your purge? Check out a few of my tips here.

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