Featured Fashionista: Stephanie Lagace

This week’s featured fashionista is the stunning Stephanie Lagace.

“Fashion plays a huge role in my life, and serves many different purposes. Through my ideas and creativity I am able to express myself with fashion. My style encompasses sophistication, inspiration and innovation. Following trends are a great way for me to stay in fashion but I love to create my own styles. Usually one of my first questions when putting together an outfit is “What does this outfit say about me?” The most important thing about the outfit is being able to wear it with confidence. Everyone wants to walk into a room in a gorgeous outfit and own it! I use fashion to complement my personality. I love having one thing in an outfit stand out, it really makes a boring outfit come to life! You can say a lot with the right statement piece. I enjoy mixing and matching my pieces to recreate different looks. Fashion is beautiful. It inspires me, and motivates me to keep dreaming and keep creating.”

Looking flawless, this fashionista mixes class with just the right amount of sass. Her black and cream stripped Equipment blouse paired with sexy black leather shorts from H&M combine flirty fun and collared class perfectly. With her studded loafers from Steve Madden, gold accessories, and studded purse, it is clear that every detail matters and helped transform this look from stylish to sensational.

I love the idea of mixing textures to create a truly unique look. Cold metal studs, soft leather, and delicate top fit very well together. It is all about moderation. Too much of any one look, style, or color is too much. But here all of these elements complement each other, which is the key to having a well-put together look.

Polyvore by Samantha Power
“Inspired: Stephanie Lagace”

If you want your style to express your personality like Stephanie has, try mixing different elements in your outfit. Be inspired by her and try it yourself!! I put a similar look together combining similar elements from Stephanie’s outfit. I liked the thick leather against the sheer blouse so I did my own twist by finding a leather skirt, which adds even more femininity to the look. I then added a collared cognac colored blouse similar in structure to our fashionista’s.  A trendy loafer was very necessary and I decided to use a super fun cheetah print. Gold jewelry was a must, so like our style inspiration I found a gold watch and gold chain link bracelets. I finished the look with a black and gold studded tote and this outfit is now perfectly mixing several elements creating one perfect look.


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    • Susan
    • August 17, 2012

    Work it girl. Great style!

    • fashionista221
    • August 18, 2012

    Super Cute! I’m going to give it a try.

    • Tiff1990
    • August 21, 2012

    This style reminds me of myself…except you wear it much better 🙂

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