How “Ferdinand” Taught Me to Always Accept Others

If you’re looking for a fun yet meaningful movie to see this month, then look no further than Ferdinand.  This movie is a great flick for any age and includes so many great messages and inspirational aspects.  The story follows a young bull named Ferdinand (John Cena), who runs away from a training camp in Spain to live with a lovely family on a farm.  However, Ferdinand isn’t a typical bull.  He doesn’t like to fight, but he does love flowers and being gentle towards everything and everyone.  When Ferdinand accidentally causes a ruckus, he is captured and sent back to the same training camp that he once escaped from.  With the hopes of escaping in order to return to his beloved family, Ferdinand recruits the help of his friends to get back home.  Here are 5 lessons that I learned from Ferdinand, in theaters now!

1. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

You shouldn’t judge someone before you actually know them.  Give everyone a fair chance and maybe they’ll end up surprising you.

2. Be Gentle

Violence is never the answer and it’s important to work out your problems with words instead of using violence.  Take a hint from Ferdinand and be gentle and caring towards everyone you meet because generosity has a greater payoff in the long run.


3. Dare to be Different

Ferdinand isn’t afraid to be a kind and gentle bull, even though all of his friends are telling him that he should be tough and mean.  Don’t listen to what other people think and be yourself!  One of my favorite quotes just happens to be, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.

4. People can Change

It’s never too late to change your life or your friends, or even make new ones.  Change is a natural thing and it’s important to not resist it, but accept it.

5. Be Accepting

Accept everyone for their differences and don’t be afraid to make new friends.  Be like Ferdinand and help everyone come together as a group, despite their differences.


Take the bull by the horns and go see Ferdinand, in theaters now!

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