“Fifty Shades of Grey” movie review


Fifty Shades of Grey movie review

Like mostly every other woman in America, I went to the theaters to go see the infamous and steamy Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, I did read the book before I went to go see the movie, so I knew what I was in for. As I was watching the movie, I had a lot of opinions about some things in the movie, so I figured what better way to express my opinions than to write a review of it! Here’s my movie review of Fifty Shades of Grey.


The Actors (Characters)

Okay, so before I get started, let me just start by saying that at first, I did not think that Jamie Dornan embodied Christian Grey at all! I imagined someone like Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer to play Mr. Grey. As I watched the movie, I realized that Jamie Dornan definitely embodied Christian Grey PERFECTLY. His whole demeanor and attitude is what sold me during the whole movie. He never broke from his character once. I think he did an amazing job playing the infamous Mr. Grey. I knew from the beginning that Dakota Johnson was going to make the perfect Anastasia Steele. Anastasia looked exactly how I imagined her to look as I was reading the book. One thing that I love that Dakota did with the character of Anastasia Steele was make her seem more independent and demanding in the movie. In the book, Anastasia Steele seemed timid and shy, but in the movie, there was a little spunk and strength in Anastasia and I think that was all thanks to Dakota’s great acting.


The Movie


I was very hesitant to see this movie because a lot of my peers at school told me that this movie was terrible, but as any person would, I decided to see the movie for myself. The movie started off just like the book did, where Kate (Anastasia’s BFF) couldn’t go to the interview with Mr. Grey, so she sends Anastasia. This is where Mr. Grey and Anastasia meet. At this point in the movie, you can already notice the sexual tension. Like I’ve said before, Jamie Dornan does such a good job playing Mr. Grey. As things go on, you see the relationship of Anastasia and Christian blossom. One thing that I really could have gone without in this movie is the absence of some characters. Let’s take José for example. In the book, José appears several times, but in the movie, he only appears twice. I didn’t really understand why they had him in the movie if they were only going to put him in two scenes and then kick him out. I guess he was kind of relevant since he had to take the pictures of Mr. Grey. I really liked how the movie was a clean balance between comedy and drama (or sex … describe it however you will). I feel as though the comedy gave the audience a clean break from all the sexy scenes. Coming from that, for a movie that is mostly targeted towards women, I was surprised that the movie showed more of naked Dakota Johnson than Jamie Dornan. You would think that the producers of the movie and E.L. James would want to please their lady fans more. Now, for me, I didn’t mind the sex scenes at all. Like I’ve said before, I thought there was a clean break between the comedy and sex scenes in the movie. A lot of people said there was barely any sex in the movie, but I completely disagree. Half of the movie was filled with steamy scenes or referred to steamy scenes. The only sex scene that really honestly bothered me was towards the end where Anastasia wanted to feel what Mr. Grey has been through, making Mr. Grey whip her with a belt. The reason why it bothered me so much is because of Dakota Johnson’s acting. The pain in her face showed and it made me feel sympathetic towards her. At the end of the day, I don’t understand why people were offended by the movie. Sure, this isn’t the relationship that most women are into, but it’s not abusive. In some aspects, yes it is, but she gave Mr. Grey consent to do the things that he did. If she wanted it to stop, all she had to do is say stop. She knows what she’s getting herself into and she willingly participates in what she wants to. Also, people knew what they were getting themselves into when they saw the preview of the movie! They knew the movie wasn’t going to be lollipops and daisies! Also, I HATE THAT THE MOVIE LEFT US WITH THAT CLIFFHANGER.


The Soundtrack

I have to admit that I bought the soundtrack to this movie. It’s so good! All the music is on point and it sounded amazing in the movie. The album also has so many great artists featured on it. I mean Beyoncé, OBVI! The album also includes artists such as Sia, Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd, Skylar Grey and Jessie Ware. The musical directors of this movie did an amazing job at planning out what music was going to be in this movie. I loved it!


Overall, I give the movie Fifty Shades of Grey a score of 8/10. If I had the time, I would definitely go see it again! This is definitely not a movie I would take my mother to see though! I hope you enjoyed my review! Everyone make sure that you go see Fifty Shades of Grey in theaters!


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