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Are you over dating apps and swiping right just seems wrong? Are you feeling like all of the good ones are taken? You can’t give up on love, but you can try a new way to find love!

Selective Search is the leading offline Matchmaking firm in North America and you can sign up to find love for free. The individuals they represent are all outstanding caliber and really looking to meet the love of their life! It’s completely free and confidential. You sign up online but your profile is only shown to matchmakers who are looking for the perfect match for their clients. It’s all offline expect for your profile which you fill out and is used by the matchmakers to see if they have anyone who will be a fit for you now or keep you in mind for the future.

Some people are contacted right away while others can take longer. But, don’t feel discouraged because the beauty is they only contact you when they feel confident its a match you’ll really click with. It’s all about timing and you’ve got nothing to lose. You can sign up now to be a part of their network and they will contact you with your perfect match omes along.

Sign Up Details

Sign up here.

***IMPORTANT*** Select referred by SCOUT: Sarah Ruhlman (Sarah Scoop) from the drop down menu.

Please, let me know when you have completed your application by filling out this form. I can then follow up with the matchmakers to make sure your profile went through!

Sending you good luck and lots of love. 🙂

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