Find the Perfect Skirt For Your Body


Every woman has a different body shape from the next. Some of us are curvy while others are petite. Women are all beautiful but some look more ravishing than others when wearing fits that compliment their figure. From curvy to boyish there is a skirt style out there on the racks that will make you look and feel like a million bucks. So lets break it down!

Tall: Tall with legs for days, describes your shape. Instead of selecting that short skirt opt for a mid-calf length. Shorter women would drown in this style so us tall chicks we need to flaunt it. A mid-calf length skirt will show off your killer legs while also looking edgy. I love mid-calf length skirts paired with wedges and a blouse.

Curvy: You’re booty-licious  with an hour glass figure, many men’s dream. Instead of hiding your curves embrace your shape. A pencil skirt is the perfect piece to accentuate your body without being too revealing. Pencil skirts come in all different lengths; choose a knee length skirt. This will show off just enough leg.

Boyish: so you feel you’ve got a rather flat silhouette, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve got the perfect skirt in mind for you to make the boys whistle. Select a high waisted skirt with a textured fabric. (for fall a light turquoise or lavender are good picks) A textured fabric will give the illusion of more defined curves making you feel sexy.  Make sure your skirt is shorter to show off your killer legs.

Petite: Yes, you have really short legs and feel like you would drown in a maxi-skirt and only look chic in a bandage skirt. There’s another style–the mini skirt–that will show make your legs look crazy long. The higher hemline makes your legs look longer and a fun print can give off that sweet heart feel.



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