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Everyone has to get their style inspiration from somewhere, and for most of us this means looking at our style icons.  Whether they are musicians, actors or royalty, our style icons give us ideas for everything from a casual outfit to a glamorous night out.

Here are my picks for your next Pinterest style board, based entirely on your style icon!


Kate Middleton
Apart from being actual royalty, this woman is the queen of classy cloths.  Her adorable sweaters and neatly tailored pencil skirts provide the perfect model for a casual everyday look. My favorite princess looks, however, come from her array of gorgeous evening gowns.

Kate middleton Preppy


Lauren Conrad
While Conrad herself is not entirely preppy, her classic pieces can be paired with any preppy outfit. lauren-conard-style-little-market-launch-lc-lauren-conard-crepe-blazer-citizens-of-humanity-racer-jeans-lc-lauren-conard-leopard-pumps-shoes-kohls


Katie Holmes
She might be overshadowed by her superstar hubby, but Katie Holmes style is not to be passed over. Whether she is taking her kids to the park or arriving on a red carpet, Holmes always looks perfectly put together.



Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has a style that continues to grow and change, and us vintage lovers could not be happier!  Knee length skirts and cat-eye sunglasses have become her staple, keeping her looking mature yet adorable at the same time. taylor-swift-looked-gorgeous-in-a-line-skirt-with-floral-details


Zooey Deschanel
There is no denying that Deschanel loves her vintage.  Even her spunky character, Jess, whom she plays on her show New Girl shares her old school style!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


Jemima Kirke
Jemima Kirke has always been brilliant on her show Girls, but I never knew her style was too!  She isn’t afraid to embrace an array of florals and polka dots in her everyday clothing, nor in her glamorous gowns. geminolaopener



Another style star who continues to shine brighter and brighter with time is the urban princess, Rihanna. Her fun patterns and daring pairings could be inspiration for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd!



Cher Lloyd
This fearless singer takes her style to the extreme both in her music videos and in her real life.  From her shaved hair to her sneaker-heels, she’s got the style of an urban queen. cher new style 2


Of course, we couldn’t leave Queen B off of this list!  This woman runs the world, and that includes running the urban fashion scene.




Emma Stone
She may not have always been such a glamorous star, but Emma Stone has recently become one of the most attention grabbing stars on the red carpet scene.  She never shys away from fun colors, cool patterns, and, of course, a little shine. emma-stone-thakoon-met-gala-2014-


Kelly Osbourne
Yet another woman on the list who underwent a major style makeover.  Osbourne never lost her rock and role edge, but she now embraces more fashion forward clothing.  P.S. No one else can rock cool hair colors like Kelly!


Ginnifer Goodwin
Don’t be fooled by Goodwin’s sweet portrayal of Snow White on ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  This actress has a passion for fashion and proves it with glam looks on and off the red carpet! images


Hope these ladies will inspire you as much as they inspired me!  So, go ahead.  Make that new “style inspiration” Pinterest board and go on a shopping trip. Just make sure that you don’t loose your own personal flair in all of your outfits!

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