Finding Inspiration From Your Interests


Finding inspiration from your interests and hobbies seems easy, doesn’t it? After all, they’re your own interests. However, surprisingly, plenty of people have difficulties trying to find creativity in their hobbies. Here are some ways to keep finding muse and inspiration for your interests.

Know your interests. However easy it may sound, you really need to know what your interests are. Whether it’s drawing, gardening, writing, or playing video games, you should know what you really love doing.

Make a list. List all you can think of what you can do with your interests. If you like to draw, write down whether you draw realistically or cartoonish, digitally or traditionally. If you garden, think of all types of plants you grow in your backyard.

Sometimes, after you’ve made your list, you might feel as though you lost your inspiration . . .

Lack of interesting ideas. Lack of interesting ideas varies depending on your hobbies – not all will necessarily have this problem. But in  hobbies like drawing and writing, try to keep working with one idea. Even if the hobby seems vague, it can lead to some exciting inspiration eventually. Try to focus on a specific hobby and build upon it by adding details. Consider it an outline before you actually do it.

Lack of motivation. Being motivated is just as tricky. Motivation tends to be difficult as it requires concentration and the will to keep at something, especially for a long time. Lack of motivation can be due to personal health – mental and physical as well as outside influences. When you’re burned out, you lack the will to do anything, which can lead to short or long term displeasure.

Not feeling it. Sometimes, there are just moments you just don’t feel like it. It happens to many people in their lifetime more than once and we’re all familiar with it.

Lacking any of the above can lead to lost interest in a hobby. So how do you keep inspiration from your hobbies?

Add some fun. Yep, who say you can’t spice it up? If you’re used to writing the same kind of adventurous novels without any fun twists, it’s time to hit the road and gather some ideas to include in your novel to make it more seem fresh and new.

Listen to music. Music is usually the great source of ideas. If you feel like drawing is getting dull, throw on some beats and listen to some key lyrics that will give you ideas you haven’t thought of before.

Go for a walk. Your surroundings are just as helpful as music. Plus, walking helps clear your mind from whatever task you’re doing. Hitting up places such as museums or restaurants can give you some inspirational starts.

Google some challenges. There’s bound to be a challenge that could help you overcome the problem. Don’t know what to write? Google writing prompts with timers that won’t let you stop until you reach a certain words. Find fishing boring? Google some fishing trips to hit up to create some adventure and fun.

Relax and take a break. If you had been going at something for a long time, your brain might just really need a rest. Every human needs an average of eight hours of sleep, so hit the bed early with some soothing tea and in the morning you’ll feel refreshed and, possibly, fresh with ideas.

Most importantly, if you really love what you do, you shouldn’t give up on it–no matter what you think is wrong or what people say.  If you do what you love and learn to keep doing it and you’ll be content with whatever you do!

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J-Ky is a high school student pursing journalism. They love to write and run in spare time. They run cross country and track in school and love to vlog. They believe in happiness and positivity are the key to life.
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