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Personal style is a unique part of fashion because it allows you to tell a story. You get the opportunity to use accessories, colors and various garments to give a voice to your look. For those less familiar with fashion, developing a personal style can be difficult. In this case, sometimes it’s easier to pinpoint one style you’re attracted to and dress to that genre until your personal style can flourish. Some may feel still feel a little lost so here is a simple guide to four basic style’s and how you can achieve the look.


A few edgy icons are Rihanna or Miley. Being a little rebellious is the prerogative of this type of woman. Their bold actions often shock the general public and they like outfits that have the same wow factor.

RihannaEdgy  Shopping List:

Leather and lots of it! Leather jacket, leggings, purses and so forth.

Band tees and statement t-shirts (think grunge)

Sneaker wedges because they’re casual and fierce

Leopard print for your inner wild child

Beanie for that tomboy chic look

Gold jewelry & deep purple lipstick


Think Free People. Or long hair blowing in the wind. The boho girl is free, airy, earthy and a little bit hippie. She’s in tune with mama nature. Mary-Kate and Ashley as well as Florence Welch often exemplify boho style.

Boho Shopping List:
Maxi skirt, because nothing screams flower child more

Headwraps and headbands, the perfect accent to any boho style

Long cardigan or sweater

Tunic shirt, bonus points if it has embroidery

Floral and tribal print anything and everything (do not mix these prints)

Bracelets and rings a plenty (rings with gemstones are always a plus)

Flared jeans: these might seem a little cliché but they can be amped up for a modern look


The vintage girl is an old soul, the Marilyn and Audrey reincarnated, the girl that loves records, and sipping tea or coffee with a good book. This girl loves things from the past. Lana Del Rey is the princess of vintage style. She is a prime example of contemporary and timeless.

Vintage Shopping List:
A-line skirt: This can be long or short, play with lengths and find what you like

Pearls: a vintage must have

Clutch purse

Sweaters, fuzzy, knit, oversized or tight, sweaters are a versatile piece

Trench coat, because it’s very Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Capris for some fun fifties flare

Collared shirt, a great accent under the sweaters

Red lipstick, classic



The glam girl embodies posh spice. She’s sexy and she knows it. The world is her runway and she walks it with not one hair out of place. This girl is confident, glitzy and has high standards and higher heels.

Glam Shopping List:

Fur, nothing says high class like a fur coat (even if it’s faux)

Tulle skirt because it’s ultra chic and playful

Sequins, they shine like your personality7813205704_d106bd9fea_b

Statement necklace and accessories, the bigger, the bolder, the better

Sleek skinny jeans, pair ‘em with some pumps and you’re a supermodel

Big sunnies: no starlet is ready without her sunglasses

Lip gloss: the last twinkling touch


Once you get comfortable you can begin mixing styles– and that’s how personal style is born! No woman is just an Audrey or a Miley or a Lana, we’re a mixture of many things and that’s what your personal style will describe. Then one day, someone will write about how to achieve the (insert your name here) look. However, when in doubt, always trust your instinct in fashion; if you’re drawn to it instantly, it’s for you, don’t argue with yourself and don’t let any outside influences change your mind, no one knows what style you like better than you!

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