First Aid: 4 Skills Everyone Should Learn

The world would be a much better place if everyone chose to learn basic first aid. You never know when you’re going to encounter someone out on the street who needs assistance. In many instances, the help they receive during the first few minutes can have an incredible effect on their survival rates. So, it’s vital that someone steps up to the mark and uses their knowledge and skills.

I implore all of you to undertake first aid training as soon as possible. You could end up saving someone’s life one day. Also, you can complete the courses over a weekend in most situations. That means you won’t have to commit much time to the endeavor. Today, I’m going to draw your attention towards four essential life-saving skills.

Knowing how to put someone in the recovery position

The first thing you will learn during a first aid course if how to put someone in the recovery position. That is the best way to ensure they have an open airway and the best chances of surviving. Of course, there are many instances in which you shouldn’t move an injured person. You will learn about them during your training. The basic rule of thumb is that you need to follow a procedure called Dr. ABC. That’s an abbreviation for the actions you will need to take.

  • D = Danger
  • R = Response
  • A = Airway
  • B = Breathing
  • C = Circulation

Using that method, you first have to assess the level of danger the individual faces in their current position. You then need to check for a response by talking to the person. You can then lift their chin slightly to ensure you clear their airway. It’s sensible to listen for breathing at that point. You should then lift their feet slightly to ensure blood flows in the right direction.

Knowing how to treat burns and cuts  

Lots of people will suffer severe cuts and burns at some point. It’s vital that people learn how to provide initial treatment if they want to become a first aider. In most instances, you are not supposed to cover burns with anything. If they’re not too bad, you should use cold water to clean the injury before taking the person to the hospital. Cuts are a different ballgame altogether. You have to ensure you stop the bleeding in any way possible. That could mean lifting the affected limb into the air and tieing something tight around the area. That should stem the flow of blood until you come up with a better solution.

Knowing how to perform CPR

Getting your CPR certification is a sensible move if you want to provide the best support possible in emergency situations. The number of people in the United States who suffer heart attacks each year has increased for quite a long time. If someone’s heart stops, you have to act fast if you want to save their life. Ambulances could take ten or fifteen minutes to arrive in many instances. So, a trained first aider like you needs to swing into action. By pumping the individual’s chest, you could encourage their heart to start beating again. It doesn’t always work, but the patient is going to die for sure if you don’t try to assist. Sometimes you have to take extra courses for CPR because it’s not considered basic first aid. However, you are wise to undergo those extra classes. You could stop someone from dying in front of their families.

Knowing how to deal with head injuries

Everyone needs to remain cautious when dealing with head injuries. Let’s’ presume for the sake of this article that you’ve seen someone involved in a motorcycle accident. You have to think carefully about the way in which you approach the situation. The last thing you want to do is move someone’s head if they have a broken neck. You could make their condition worse and cause further injuries. Just use some common sense. If the individual is conscious, you can ask them about the areas in which they are feeling pain. Never try to remove a motorcycle helmet unless you are 100% satisfied there are no head or neck injuries. The best thing you can do is secure the area and treat any other visible wounds until the ambulance arrives.

With all that information in mind, ensure you educate yourself about first aid techniques as soon as possible. You’d want someone to offer assistance if something bad happened to you. So, afford others the same courtesy. I believe kids should learn all this stuff while they’re still in school because it’s vital. However, that rarely happens, and so you need to make an effort to learn these methods in your spare time.

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