Determining Caloric Intake for Weight Loss

Just how much effort does it take to lose one pound? Are you curious about the best way to determine caloric intake for weight loss.  Well, basically, one pound of fat is the equivalent of 3500 calories. This means that you’ll need to expend 3500 calories to lose just that one pound. In a typical half hour, moderately difficult cardio workout you could potentially burn up to 300 calories. You’d have to do this eleven or twelve times just to burn those 3500 calories.

So what happens when you’re busy and don’t have loads of time to work out? You create a daily caloric deficit in your diet which means you’ll be cutting calories. No more midnight snacks or time-of-the-month binges. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function. It also requires a certain amount of calories to maintain, gain, or lose weight. You’ll need to calculate these numbers to see what your caloric ranges are. You can find a Calorie Calculator here.

Your activity level is also important in terms of determining your daily caloric needs. If you have a desk job or are stationary most of the time, then your activity would most likely be classified as sedentary. A person who is on their feet and moves around some might fit into the moderate activity level; and so on. The calorie calculator above makes allowances for these and other lifestyles and calculates your caloric needs accordingly.

You should also know your Basal Metabolic rate (BMR) in order to understand the approximate amount of calories your body burns just to function. You never want to eat below this number as it is the number your body relies on to keep you alive and healthy. You can access a BMR calculator here.

The main point of calorie intake for weight loss is to expend more calories than you are taking in but it must be done safely or else you could be headed for trouble. Eating too little may force your body into starvation response mode and leave your progress at a stand-still. Eating too much will only make you gain the weight right back. It’s important to find a balance between diet and exercise and to understand how to achieve weight loss without harming your body or chances for success.

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    • Pam
    • August 10, 2012

    Thank you for the tips…i just need to start watching what I eat!!

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