Fitness Tips Fridays: Rest Days Are Important

Getting into the groove of a new workout routine can be tough. So, what happens when you’ve gotten into that groove and don’t want to stop? Rest!

Rest days are important when considering how to shape your fitness regimen. Rest days are not simply about lounging around and being inactive. It’s important to keep your body moving on these so-called rest days as well.

Rest day activities are usually less vigorous than your normal, daily workout. A rest day activity can include a brisk walk, a bike ride, swimming, or simple stretching. These types of activities allow your body to do what it’s meant to (move!) but also allow your muscles to recover from vigorous exercise and training.

Finding time for this type of “rest” is integral to keeping your body from becoming exhausted, stressed and over-worked. Take one or two rest days per week for recovery.

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