Fitness Tips Fridays: Should You Weigh Yourself Every Day?


Lots of people use the scale as a way to keep track of their weight. Some use the scale weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. What about those individuals who weigh themselves every day? Do they benefit more than the other? Perhaps, but not necessarily.

Weighing yourself every day can have its advantages. For instance, you’ll get to know your body and its fluctuations much better than those people who don’t weigh themselves on a daily basis. Your weight changes throughout the day and even from day to day, so a daily weigh-in may allow you to gain a better understanding of how your body responds to certain things.

However, a daily weigh-in can have its disadvantages too. If you’re super conscious about your weight, you might find that the scale can be a huge disappointment, especially if the scale does not always reflect all the hard work you’ve put in. It’s important to know that most scales cannot tell the difference between water, fat and muscle. If there is a change on the scale, it most likely is not accurate or permanent since fluctuations, as mentioned above, happen every day.

Measuring inches may be a more accurate, less frustrating way to track your progress. You’ll be able to track the changes your body is undergoing with real, solid proof and you’ll be more likely to stay on the right track when you see that these changes are actually occurring.

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