Fitness Tips Fridays: The Pros & Cons of Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are in place to get you moving and to help maximize your workouts, but is this always the best option? Here are some things to consider:
Personalized Workouts. Trainers usually cater to your needs and adjust workouts according to your fitness level. This helps to prevent injury and serves as a safety guide to follow later on.
Set Training Times. Your trainer may set up a weekly training schedule for you to follow. This kind of rigid scheduling helps to keep you accountable and on target in terms of reaching your goals.
Learning New Things. Working with a trainer allows you the ability to see your body and its capabilities through an objective lens. Your trainer will teach you new ways to exercise which you may not have considered before. Seeing your body make progress in this way can be an eye opening and encouraging experience.
Price. Personal trainers can be expensive and you need to make sure that your financial situation allows you to have this kind of luxury. Many trainers are paid by session. You may be able to strike a discount on a package deal but make sure it’s worth your money.
Your trainer’s attitudes and expectations. Make sure you find a trainer you’re compatible with. If your trainer expects more of you than you know your body can handle, be sure to let them know. Do not allow a trainer to bully you into doing something painful or uncomfortable. If this happens, find someone who is willing to listen to your needs. You know your own body better than anyone else so listen to it!
Motivation and Open Mindedness. Make sure that you are internally motivated; otherwise working with a trainer may feel as though someone is forcing their own agenda onto you. Also, embrace the process. It may not always be what you expect or want but be open to trying new things.

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    • Tara
    • June 26, 2012

    My dogs are my trainers 🙂 always trying to keep up with these little guys on long walks

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