How to Get a Flat Belly

Tightening the tummy can seem like a chore, especially when you’re working extra hard to achieve overall fitness. You’re probablyfeeling exhausted, lazy, and not particularly inspired to work on those abs. Yes, we know the feeling. Here are some easy and not so strenuous ways to achieve a better looking mid-section and get a flat belly:


Don’t Slouch – Poor posture causes the belly to slightly jut out as you are not using your core and back muscles to keep you sitting upright. If you have a desk job this can become a serious problem as posture improvement is most likely not at the top of your to-do list. Practice good posture for 30 minutes a day while engaging your core (in other words, suck it in!). Make time to be aware of it and look at yourself in the mirror. The difference your posture makes will astound you!

Focus on Your Abs – Your abs are really the core of your body and are responsible for keeping you balanced and properly aligned. You’ll want to keep a strong focus on them during work outs making sure to work the abs from all sides and angles.

Diet & Nutrition – Your diet plays a huge role in what your belly looks like. Examine your diet to make sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients for your body. Try eating more almonds, apples, and leafy greens for some help with this area.


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    • Soccerchic
    • August 4, 2012

    thanks for the posture tip…i need to work on that one!

  1. thanks for the posture tip…i need to work on that one!Mulberry sale

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