Five Must-See Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriends

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The weather is getting colder and putting a damper into your social life. Instead of staying in alone, grab your friends for a movie night at home. Snuggle in with homemade coco and popcorn for a great flick, it will instantly boost your winter blues. Here are five great films to watch while bonding with your gal pals.

  1. The Joy Luck Club

joyluckclub joyluckclub2

This movie about five friends and their daughters will instantly make you want to call your mom. Based on a book by Amy Tan, the film follows the lives and experiences of five Chinese women who immigrated to America. Relatable to every mother and daughter no matter their background, you and you friends will be balling at the end.

  1. All About Eve


This film makes any frenemies look like best friends. This classic film about an understudy’s stalker-like obsession for a movie star is great for when you want to watch some drama. A commentary on age and idols, this film will be all you talk about with your friends for days.


  1. Muriel’s Wedding

MurielsWedding MurielsWedding2

Friend getting married and you’re tired of all of the wedding mania? This film takes a fresh, and surprising, perspective on women’s obsession with getting married. This film is still the perfect answer to those obnoxious wedding reality television shows.

  1. The Women


Although remade in 2008, don’t overlook this classical gem. The Women is a comedy-drama about wealthy Manhattanites and all of the gossip and drama that goes with them. Based on a play by the talented Anita Loos, this black and white film is so amazing that it even has a ten minute Technicolor fashion show.


  1. Caramel

caramel caramel2

This female-led film takes viewers into a beauty shop in Lebanon. Following four women through their struggles and loves, this film addresses a variety of topics like premarital sex and lesbianism. It shows friendships and relationships that many can relate to, all with familiar laughter and tears.

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