Five Ways to make Someone Smile


Smiling, it’s contagious.  I love making someone smile, laugh, or feel loved!  It’s so easy to do and often at times you may be doing it without even realizing it!!  People need to hear kind words, it’s good for their soul and knowing you helped create a smile is good for your soul too!  Here are 5 things that I do to put a smile on a friends face or even a stranger!

1. Pay it Forward ~ Think drive-thru! I don’t hit many of them, mainly Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts but when I do, I try to pay for the person that is behind me in hopes that they too will do the same.  I don’t know if that happens but I feel so good doing it!  Even it is just buying someone their morning cup of joe! Result – a smile!

2. Send a hand-written note or card ~ I am obsessed with notecards, stationary, etc.  I love getting this type of mail and with email, texting, IM’ing, or whatever other social media you use to connect…nothing makes me smile more than getting a good ole hand-written letter or card.  It is the best!!!  I try to mail out weekly to friends, of course always for special occasions, or just because.  Let’s just say I have a small, and by small, I mean large collection of notecards…it’s an addiction really! Result – a smile!

3. Buy a small gift for someone ~ This could be anything!!  I recently had a holiday party and one of my good friends brought me the cutest coffee cup with my initial on it filled with hand lotion and hot cocoa.  A small gesture really, but the way it made me feel was amazing! And guess what, that coffee cup has so much meaning to me and I use it daily! Result – a smile!

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4. Recognize someone’s achievement ~ Show someone how proud you are of them!  Whether it’s buying them dinner to celebrate or just stopping by to say Hi and give them a hug.  Sometimes the best gifts really are free. Result – a smile!

5. Tell someone how fortunate you are to know them and that you love them ~ Pretty simple, right? But how often do you do this?  Tell them why. Make them feel special because they are and so are you!  Result – two smiles!

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