Food You Should Think Twice About Eating

There are many shocking facts about food that we are unaware of.  Typically, if we like the taste, we eat it.  But there are hidden ingredients in some of these foods that you love to indulge in, and I thought I’d give you a little incite on what some of them are. The FDA has regulations for how much ‘filth’ the food that we eat can consist of.  This can even include bugs or hair.

For those of you who like mushrooms, canned ones are allowed to contain as much as 19 maggots in every 3.5 ounce can.  Fresh mushrooms are better, but the plastic that wraps around them contains a chemical called BPA which can lead to cancer, heart attack, and obesity.

Bread consists of a softening product called L-cysteine….made from human hair.

Jelly beans obviously contain food dye, but what you don’t know about the food dye is that certain ones tend to slow down proper brain functioning.

Vanilla ice cream is very tasty, but guess what? It contains castoreum, which is simply secretion and urine from a beaver!

Gum, another treat that seems harmless, consists of lanolin.  Lanolin is used in many different products, an example being skin care products.  But when you’re putting this in your mouth, you should think twice about where lanolin comes from.  It is the secretion that is found in sheep wool, who have in many cases, contain pesticides, which leads to fat.

So there is just some food (or so we think) for thought.  Next time you consider eating something, make sure you truly know what it is made out of!


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