Foods that Boost Your Mood

The windy cold fronts are providing opportunities to wear our favorite sweaters, mull some delicious apple cider, and cozy up to countless holiday movies.  However, they don’t cause all good things.  The winter blues, or more formally, Seasonal Affective Disorder affects thousands of women every year in response to the changing season.  How can you prevent this from happening to you?  There are some great food you can eat that boost your mood.  Stock up on Vitamin D, especially in areas that are hit hardest by winter, and more importantly, eat happy foods!  That doesn’t seem too bad, but what are the foods that can keep you in good spirits?  They’ll keep you smiling, and are delicious additions to your every day meals:

Oranges: What’s a better morning start than a delicious drink chock full of vitamins and minerals?  The abundance of viatmin C gives you tons of energy and gives you a kick start for the day.  Also, they are easy to take along to work or school if you ever begin to feel a little melancholy.

Salmon (or any other fatty fish):  Aside from being the healthiest form of meat for you, salmon provides a great dose of the healthy fats and Omega-3 nutrients we need for energy and a good mood.  Whether you are mixing in some smoked salmon with your eggs, adding it to a sandwich, or baking it in the oven, the mild fish is great at any time of the day!

Greens: And no we don’t mean iceberg lettuce!  Deep greens like spinach and chard have a good dose of vitamin B that is proven to turn that frown upside down.  If you’re bored of the everyday salad, put them on a warm panini or toss them in a skillet with teriyaki chicken.  Chard can even calm you down if you have a big test or date coming up.

Whole Wheat: Yes, a PBJ with fresh white bread might sound delicious, but by using bread without multiple grains, you could be missing out on the secret to happiness (well, we won’t be that dramatic).  Complex carbs help our bodies create serotonin, the chemical that gets us up and keeps us awake.  Not a fan of the whole wheat bread?  Try to sprinkle oats on your parfait or even make a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast!

Dark Chocolate:  Wait, chocolate is good for us?!  Studies have shown that chocolate with 70% cocoa and above have multiple benefits for maintaining a healthy body and mind.  Your blood vessels stay happy and fully functioning, while helping you release relaxing endorphines.

These are some of the top foods that boost your mood.  Give them a try and let us know if these foods beat the winter blues!

Foods thanks to iVillage and

Polyvores by Candace Lowry


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    • Crystal
    • February 13, 2013

    These are great foods!

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