The Best Foods That Have Protien

For those of you who are new vegetarians or simply dislike eating meat, you may wonder where your protein should be coming from.  What are the best foods that have protien?

Protein is essential to human nutrition. It is especially important to consume a good amount of protein after a workout that includes weight training. Protein helps to build and restore muscle.

Good sources of non-animal protein can come from a number of places. The most common and accessible sources of protein are as follows:

Beans, Nuts & Seeds: Items such as peanuts, cashews, pinto beans, lentils and sesame seeds are great sources of protein and can be added to almost any dish.

Dairy Items: Assuming that you are not practicing veganism, dairy products can be a great way to get some extra protein. You might try things like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and eggs for protein sources.

Finding room for broccoli, spinach and peas also helps to add a little protein to your diet. These are the kind of items that you can have with your dinner or even a salad.

There are various ways to add protein to your diet but these are just the most common and natural ways to do it. You may also want to look into protein powders and shakes if none of the above options appeal to you.

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