Four Ways To Transition Your Look From Workout To Workplace



Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in the day.  The first thing to be sacrificed in order to check off everything on this working girl’s very long to-do list is often exercise.  Good news ladies!  There is a way to go straight from the gym to the office, and quick.  Here are just a few of the tips and tricks you can use to make it possible to squeeze a quick workout into your busy day.  Check out these 4 tricks for transitioning from workout to workplace.

Trick One: Don’t Wash Your Hair

This may sound a little gross, but I promise it cuts your shower time in half and gives you the opportunity to get a little creative in your styling.  After washing down your body, spray some dry shampoo into towel dried hair and continue onto trick number two.  No one at work will be able to tell.

Trick Two:  Go For An Updo

After your hair is towel dried, use a simple updo to get a fast yet professional look.  Let it dry on your way to work instead of taking the time to blow dry it.

Trick Three: Use Dresses To Your Advantage

If you throw a dress and blazer into your workout bag rather than a suit, you will find it much easier to get changed, plus you don’t have to spend time finding a bunch of different matching pieces the night before.  It’s one stop shopping, and it couldn’t be easier!



Trick Four:  Do Your Makeup In the Locker Room

If you keep your simple makeup essentials in your gym bag, you won’t feel as rushed when you are scrambling to get it on in the parking lot at your work.  Keep a concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and lip color in your bag at all times.  These are the only four ingredients you need for a fresh face at work.

Follow these simple rules, and you will find yourself with plenty of time in your day for exercise!

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I am a rising sophomore at Rutgers University and am double majoring in PR and Theater. Golfing, acting, singing, and writing are a few of the things I like to fill my time doing. Staying busy, however, doesn’t mean forgetting about fashion!

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