Free Things to do with your Significant Other

We all like FREE, right?  And what is even better is when you get to do something free with the one you love!  There are so many activities that will give you and your partner time to connect or reconnect.  Being free doesn’t mean cheesy either.  It means you are expanding your horizons, getting out there, being active, trying something new or just marking off that bucket list!  The hubs and I love to plan things to do when we know we have a day where we are both available…which doesn’t happen very often, as I am sure like most of you, we are busy…busy…and busy!  But we find time, we make time! We mark the calendar and I like to tell him…”I am penciling you in!”  That always gets a smile! Ok, ok, it’s not like I actually have to pencil him in, but seriously, my calendar fills up so fast between work, school, lunch with friends, appointments, or whatever it may be!  You get my drift!!

1. The old reliable –  Go For A Walk!  Yes, yes, yes.  It’s healthy, you get to connect with nature, and who doesn’t love fresh air!!  We all need it!  We try to go somewhere where there is a path, less traffic that way, and often times you can find a cute little bench and set and just enjoy each other’s company!


2. Hit the park! –  Take a Frisbee, soccer ball, volleyball, basketball, a softball and gloves, a kite, and a picnic.  Pack food you have at home and find a beautiful park where you can relax, take a snooze, read a book. Even if you aren’t always “talking” to each other. You are with each other!

3. Go For A Drive in the Country! – Ok, so you are actually paying for gas…but let’s not be too picky here.  I remember as a kid taking a “Sunday Cruise” with the family.  Just driving around looking at the land and wildlife.  I realize this one may not be something for everyone, but it’s quite peaceful and plus I like to look at houses in different areas close to where I live.

4. Play Board Games! – We often light up the ole’ fireplace and sit and play Monopoly.  There are so many games out there that are fun and if you like competition, this may be for you!  Checkers, Battleship, Chess, Backgammon, Rummy if you are into cards, or a Trivia Game.  Of course, the hubs and I can play Monopoly for hours and usually have to continue the next day….but it’s fun and something that is still cool to do!  Definitely childhood memories here!


5. Cook Dinner! – Who needs a going-out date?  Have a date at home!!  Cook it together!  Set the table, break out the fancy glasses, dress up, and put the electronics away!!  Quietness. Just you and your love, dinner you both prepared, and a night of conversation.

6. Find a Local Free Museum! –  They are out there! Some of them call for a donation but some do not.  Just research in your home town and I am betting you will find one!

7. Go to a Parade! –  Again, something local or make a short drive!  A lot of cities offer FREE parades, for instance, for St. Paddy’s Day.  What a fun way to spend the day or at least part of it! Not only can you people watch, which is always fun, but parades usually have some pretty cool bands to listen too, sweet cars, and decorated floats!  Check one out!

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