Furnishing Your New Home On A Tight Budget

You’ve just moved into your new home. But with all the costs of the deposit and removals to think about you forgot to factor in furnishings. No worries – whilst furniture isn’t cheap, there are many tricks that can help you stay within a tight budget, allowing your new place to feel more homely.

Don’t always believe the ‘sale’ deals

Your local big brand furniture store may well have a sale on. When isn’t there a sale? Whilst it is possible to pick up a deal here, you shouldn’t immediately fall for every bargain advertised. There may be a sofa selling for half its original value, but it may have deliberately overpriced to begin with – the sole intention being to slash the price later. Many furniture sellers will rely on this trick. Do you research first online or by looking at prices in other stores. This will help you determine a real bargain from a fake one.

Go second hand

A lot of cheap stuff can be picked up second hand. Thrift stores, flea markets and online second hand stores are great places to look. You could even try out your local auction house and see if you can grab a bargain. Always check the condition – if you’re buying online ask for extra information and photographs if the condition isn’t clear. Beware of certain second-hand items such as upholstery (sofas, mattresses) as these hard-to-wash items can be hosts to bacteria.


Your mattress matters

The mattress may be the most expensive furnishing purchase you make. As already stated, you don’t want to go second-hand with this. Neither do you want to get something too cheap that could affect your sleep. That said, you could try a cheap temporary solution such as a waterbed and then save up your pennies for a good quality mattress. Look out for coupons online and always compare prices.

Armchairs – who needs them?

Certain furniture may not be essential. Armchairs can cost a lot – you may be able to save money creatively by buying some comfortable poofs to sit on. These poof chairs are available in multiple sizes and are a fraction of the price of upholstery.  

Practice your haggling

Haggling isn’t something we’re used to here in the Western world, but with expensive purchases such as furniture it’s always fair game. You’re better off haggling with independent retailers as some big brands may have fixed prices. Do a bit of research beforehand so that you know when and when not to haggle. Smartphones have now made it possible to research anything online in seconds, allowing to quickly compare prices.

Make use of freebies

Older family members such as grandparents and uncles and aunts may have furniture or items in the loft that they’ve been meaning to get rid of for years. They may be more than happy to donate these items to you for free. Popular items than many household owners horde include lamps, kettles and mugs. Don’t be too proud and turn away these freebies – you may be doing your relatives a favor by helping to tackle their clutter.  

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