Geek is the new Chic

We’ve all seen the Hollywood stereotype of the high school nerd with big glasses, no coordination and a destiny of living in social obscurity until one of the popular kids takes them under their wing and changes them to fit the “in crowd.” They say life imitates art… Well in this case, it’s just the opposite. Many of the most popular people in the world (i.e. celebrities) have decided to take a style cue from the nerds and it is becoming a hit in the fashion world – enter nerd glasses.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing “nerd” glasses. These celebrities range from Kim Kardashian to Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung to Hilary Duff – they are all embracing their inner nerd and we should too! Wearing a preppy shirt, shorts and the nerdy glasses can look cute, yet sophisticated when you’re heading off to class. In addition, according the Daily Mail, modern men actually prefer brains to beauty these days and look for an intelligent partner. So, looking the part could help you attract that cute guy you’ve had your eye on for a while. You can still keep an eye on him, just under your nerdy glasses this time!


If you’re not completely in favor of looking like a nerd, why not dress as a nerd for Halloween? Again wear preppy clothing and draw some freckles on your face with brown eyeliner and you are good to go for a super fun evening!

Check out all your favorite stores to find nerd glasses such as: Forever 21, Hot Topic, Target, Charming Charlie’s etc.

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