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Every year The Kansas City Symphony Alliance hosts their Symphony Designers’ Showhouse. The nonprofit seeks to promote music throughout the Kansas City area in particular, the Kansas City Symphony. This is their 48th year hosting the annual event and the large limestone house located in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood balances both modern and classic styles for a home that’s elegant and timeless.

The House

Historians believe the house was built somewhere between 1908 and 1909 though there’s no listing for occupants until 1910.  The limestone is likely of local origin the roofing material is Ludowici Celadon tiles, the only one in the particular hue in Kansas City.  The home is 5,646 square feet and was originally listed for $10,000 (approximately $247,997.52 in 2017).

The Living Room

The living room’s interior  was curated by Nebraska Furniture Mart.  The furniture is intentionally placed to maximize flow and conversation.  Masculine materials are offset by delicate, feminine accents and the greyscale color scheme is contrasted with pops of citrus.  The furniture is light and eclectic, perfectly complimenting the slate grey walls and hardwood floors

The Dining Room

Woodson Antiques and Interiors is responsible for the warmth and silent sophistication of the dining room.  The space looks to preserve the home’s original architecture and respect its personality.  An old-world elegance with modern flair embraces the room.  The sophisticated, library-paneled walls are offset by the cozy and welcoming grey accents.  Your eyes are immediately drawn to a simple, yet statement making industrial inspired chandelier.  This room offers the homeowners and their guests a complete dining experience.

The Kitchen

Quite easily my favorite room in the house is the kitchen.  The homeowners completely gutted the original kitchen with the help of Midwest Design and Remodel.  The space was remodeled to reflect the new homeowners’ personalities.  Modern elegance is the only way to really describe this kitchen.  A gorgeous white island and white and charcoal cabinetry are accented with pops of blue and green.  A butler’s pantry features a wine dispenser and a faucet with four settings so you can choose your preferred level of carbonation when mixing drinks.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom by Howard Fischer Design is a mix of the old and the new.  Modern pieces are placed along side more traditional furniture for a room that’s eclectic and colorful.  Interesting art gives the room a whimsical element to lighten the room’s formality.

Master Closet

The showhouse’s master closet pairs lavish with functional. Interior Directions and Dennisbilt ensured no space went unutilized with hidden cubbies, shelves for lotions and potions, and an island that serves as both a dresser and a laundry bin, proves you can have both style and practicality.  Though the space is utilitarian, it fosters creativity with it’s sleek design and breathtaking details.

Fairy Sunny Spot

The homeowner’s magical garden brings fairytales to life with the help of From the Summer’s Garden.  Walk along a stone path and enjoy, tiny cottages, pint sized ponds, and other fantasy driven ornaments hidden between the home’s greenery.  This outdoor space is playful and nurtures feelings of peace and solace with this Fairy Community Garden.

Want to see more beautiful designs or looking for some inspiration for the room you’re looking to refurnish?  Come see this glorious house on 816 Gleed Terrace, Kansas City MO 64109.  Ticket’s are just $25 at the door or you can order tickets online for $20.  The house is open to the public Tuesday, Friday-Sunday from 10am to 5pm and on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 8pm.  The 48th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is definitely worth seeing!

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