Get Summer Confident!

Everyone looks at the pretty Tumblr girls or stalk the friend of a friend on Facebook to see why they look so good. Well the answer in anutshell is, their confident! They don’t care what people think, they love how they look and their not afraid to show it off. The summer time is such a test for everyone in the world to look their best. All we hear about in the month of May is “Get ready for bikini season!” Well, what we all need is a little TLC.


Go out get you favorite Starbucks drink, text your bestfriend and go get a mani pedi. You will find out you just hold everything alot lighter and daintier. When coming to your apperance, go shopping! Save some money for acouple of weeks and have fun, buy the things that you have had your eye on all year. all us fashion-forward ladies all ways know what the new trends are, so go after some of those too. Accessorize with every outift, add some funky earrings or a bold necklace, heck stud something. Play with your makeup, do a neautral eye then add a pop of neon blue or yellow to the inner corner to brighten the look up.

It is all about loving yourself and locing what you see in the mirror. It’s summer, the time to be free, to try new things, to do the things you never have time for. Summer is all about new beginnings and preparing yourself to be different in the upcoming year. Just keep calm and carry on!


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