Get Your Shoes Ready for Fall

It’s always a little bit heartbreaking putting away my spring and summer shoes, but I am also excited to break out my favorite winter boots.  Thankfully, there is a way to have your cake and eat it, too!  Following these simple tips and tricks, you can keep your favorite summer sandals and sneakers out a little bit longer, all while getting your boots ready for the cold season.

Wear Your Sandals With Socks

socks in heels

While this look used to be reserved for men over the age of forty, it has made a comeback as a true fashion statement!  Pair your favorite strappy heels and wedges with ankle of knee high socks to keep your feet warm in the cool autumn weather.

Invest In Tights

tights in sandals mysmallwardrobetights and sandals

Similar to the sock in sandals trend, wearing your favorite tights with these same summer shoes can make them fun to layer for the fall and winter.  There are so many patterns of tights to choose from that you can winterize any pair of sandals in your wardrobe!

Paint Your White Canvas Sneaker and Toms

painted canvas sneakers painted toms wording painted sneakers painted toms

If you are as messy as I am, the once-white sneakers you bought for the summer may be dull and faded.  Why not spice them up by creating your own designs using fabric paint?  The possibilities are endless, ranging from laced detailing to your favorite song lyrics.  Your new shoes can last you through the fall and winter by painting them darker colors that will not be ruined by the slushy weather.

waterproof shoesWinterize Your Boots and Fabric Shoes

Be sure to use a waterproofing spray on all of your fabric shoes and boots after pulling them out of storage to keep them safe from fall rains and winter snow.  There is nothing worse than buying a new pair of shoes, only to have them ruined after stepping in a puddle!


Using these tips, you can make both your summer and winter shoes last all season!


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