Getting Fit Over the Summer


Have you ever look at those pictures of people who look great from their summer workouts that make you wonder how you could get fit like them before it’s too late? It’s never too late to get fit and you can start anytime at your own pace. Here are some exercises we narrowed down that you can do over the summer.


Running is one of the most common and quick to do, requiring only your running shoes and workout gears. You can hit the park to run some cross country style or tun around the neighborhood or even your nearby school track if they got one. Run in the morning, afternoon, or evening, however it’s best to run early in the morning or evening when it’s not too dark to avoid heat and sunburns. Also, if you want to build miles in, follow the 10% rule: add no more than 10% per week or you’ll overtrain and injury yourself.


Summer is the best time to go for a swim when it’s hot. Hit a nearby public pool, gym, or go to the beach or lake that are open for swimming. Any form of swimming such as breaststroke or freestyle works as long as you’re moving in the waters and having fun.


Going to a summer camp dedicated to a certain sports work as well if you got the money and time. Soccer, volleyball, football, dance, you name it, there is one. Google for any nearby summer camps for easy commute or search for some adventures in farther away camps.


Gym, the perfect place to do treadmill and weight lifting. It’s also an ideal place to do strength training required for most of the sports. Gym can be costly, depending on the company and location, but are great to go to if you can’t exercise outdoors.


Yoga? Yes, yoga is an exercise. Anything requires moving like yoga and gymnastics help you keep in shape. Yoga is simple and quick to do at home – all you need is a mat and instructions and you got yoga.


If any of the above just seems too much, there’s always walking or hiking. Walk around your neighborhood and hit up new places. Hike and explore areas you never thought of being too. It can be fun and is a simple exercise for anyone.

Have a blast working out this summer and don’t forget to stay hydrated and eat the right food!

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J-Ky is a high school student pursing journalism. They love to write and run in spare time. They run cross country and track in school and love to vlog. They believe in happiness and positivity are the key to life.

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