For Any Girl, In Any Size: The Crop Top Guide


A major fashion craze and controversy; crops tops have become a thing to love and hate for women. Love—because they are oh-so-stylish and versatile, and hate—because they bring attention to the one spot all women stress over; their waist!

Nothing is as horrific and threatening to a girl than wearing something that highlights her biggest insecurity. You’d think this alone, would have been enough to wipe out the crop top mania, but it looks like this ever-growing trend is here to stay.

So whether you’re a size 0 or size 16, or anything above or in between, don’t let the crop top monster keep you from flaunting your fashionista self!

Believe it or not, the crop top is for any girl, in any size. But like everything else in the fashion industry, it’s all about how you pull it together. For your best crop top self, make sure to follow these simple rules:

1. Remember that showing your belly button is a choice.


A common misconception with crop tops is that they can’t be worn unless the area below where the crop top ends is left exposed. This is just a fashion myth, and probably the biggest reason as to why so many women shy away from embracing this trend. Crop tops, no matter how short or long, can be worn to suit your comfort level and the amount of skin you want to expose. Whether it’s just a thin peak of your abdomen, your entire stomach, or even no skin at all, you can make your crop top fit your needs.

2. Bottoms with high waists are a must-have item.


It doesn’t matter whether they’re skirts, pants, or shorts with high waists, just make sure you have bottoms like these to pair with your crop top. Unless you wear a longer crop top, or actually mean to show off that much skin, any regular bottom that starts right at your waistline is a bad idea.

3. Choose a properly fitted top and bottom.


If you thought it was okay to play with smaller sizes for other outfits, let me tell up front that a crop top is NOT one of them. No matter how cute the ensemble, there’s no way to play off looking like you’re about to burst out of your clothes. Make sure that your crop top and paired bottom fit you well; that there’s no pinching, holding your breath or squeezing in your tummy going on. This will save you from what could be an incredibly awkward or embarrassing moment, when you turn, bend or move your body in a certain position. If anything, my advice is to go a size up (especially for your bottom) so you have plenty of room to move.

4. Shop for bottoms with thick waistbands.


Skirts or pants like these are flattering for all body shapes. They’ll mold around your curves nicely and keep you “tucked in.”

5. Avoid short length bottoms.


Unless you’re at a beach or nightclub, this will just make you look trashy. Flaunting a crop top for everyday life is all about a little confidence and a little modesty.

6. Layers are your best friend.


If you think that wearing crop tops automatically means exposing skin, let me assure you that you’re completely wrong. How much skin is or isn’t exposed with a crop top is all dependent on you. A crop top may be revealing itself, but that doesn’t mean the outfit must be too. Try adding a top or bottom layer to cover up more skin. This can easily be done with something like a jacket/cardigan on top, or a long shirt underneath.

7. It’s okay to connect.


Although it’s common, wearing a crop top doesn’t require a visible separation between the top and bottom halves of your outfit. Connecting your crop top with the skirt or pant on the bottom, is just as stylish, and simply another way to cover up more. This can be done by wrapping a belt around the exposed midsection or simply tucking in your crop top.


In the end, just remember that it’s not about who has the right or wrong body for crop tops; it’s about making crop tops work with your body. And isn’t that what fashion is all about?



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