Girls Gone Nerdy: Mary, Queen of Scots

Happy March, ladies! Spring has begun to sprung (say that ten times fast) and warmer days are upon us. That’s what they keep telling me, anyway. Though we’ve had a few days in the UK where I’ve been able to go out without my sweater and pea coat, I’ve mainly been tempting the weather by wearing a LOT of dresses with leggings. It makes me feel as if the warmth is coming and besides, who really wants to see my extraordinary pale legs anyway? (Not that I EVER tan, being Irish and Scandinavian, but at least in the summer I can pretend.)

I did try and enjoy the scenery through the cold with a trip to Scotland this past weekend. WOW. If you ever get a chance to go, don’t question it, just grab the opportunity- it was absolutely amazing. I loved the town of Edinburgh, but I especially loved the Scottish countryside. The green rolling mountains and the endless sheep made me want to drop out of college, buy a sheep of my own, and live in a cottage in the Highlands.

Almost as awesome is Scotland’s incredibly rich history. We went on a tour of Edinburgh Castle, which has been around basically forever, and got to hear a lot about how Scotland had merged into the United Kingdom, as well as their own separate history. One of my favourite historical figures? Mary, Queen of Scots.  Mary’s time as queen was marred by controversy and deception. In fact, she was eventually imprisoned by her cousin Elizabeth (dramatized beautifully in the play, Mary Stuart, which I also love). She stuck out the imprisonment with courage and determination, though, and though she wasn’t around to see it her son James did eventually inherit the throne.

And so, to celebrate both Mary’s awesomeness and the beauty of Scotland, I give you today’s Girls Gone Nerdy… Mary, Queen of Scots! (She’s not fictional, but trust me, dressing as your favourite historical character is pretty nerdy.)

Tartan was a must, of course, and the crown embellishment on the headband shows that she is true royalty. And though I certainly could never afford it, a true queen deserves a beautiful handbag. The shoes, while rockin’, would also be manageable to walk around in if you were locked in a tower by your cousin. And the watch necklace? I figured there wasn’t any other time piece provided when she was imprisoned!

Who’s your favourite historical figure? Any suggestions on who I should do next? Leave them in the comments!

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