Going On Your Honeymoon? Here’s How To Keep Your Rings Safe

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Your honeymoon should be one of the best holidays of your life, celebrating the start of your future together and enjoying each other’s company. When you’ve just had the stress of wedding planning, your key motivation for your honeymoon is probably going to be relaxation and enjoyment. You want to be able to chill without worrying about losing or damaging your engagement or wedding rings; after all, they’re expensive and hugely sentimental. If your honeymoon is on the horizon, or any holiday for that matter, remember these things to keep your wedding jewelry safe.

Keep it out of the sea

The cold water of the sea is a nightmare for rings. It causes the blood vessels in your body to restrict so that you don’t lose heat, but as a result, it can make your fingers smaller. This means that wedding and engagement rings can quite easily slip straight off the finger, into the sea, never to be seen again. If you’re planning on going for a swim, keep your rings at the hotel.

In fact, keep it off the beach

The whole beach is a nightmare for your rings. Even the hardest metals are prone to scratching, but silver, platinum, and gold are all at risk of damage from the grit and sand at the beach. Sun cream can be a nightmare to clean out of the tiny crevices in a ring, and it can creep under the stone to make it appear dull, too. It’s best to avoid wearing rings altogether when applying sun cream and keep them at the hotel when a trip to the beach is in order.

Insure it

Chances are, your ring is worth a fair amount of money. If you lose it, you might never be able to get the same sentimental ring back, but at least if you’re insured, you can claim back the cash. During the wedding planning stages, visit a qualified jeweler who can give you a valuation – they have access to recent precious metal and diamond prices, so they’re in the best position to give that valuation. Check the small print of your travel insurance to see if jewelry is covered, if not it might be worth taking out a separate policy.

If in doubt, don’t wear it out

It’s an unfortunate truth that some honeymoon destinations attract thieves looking to make themselves some easy money. They will specifically target couples out for an evening stroll, so trust your instinct. If you think there’s even the slightest possibility of trouble, leave your ring in the hotel room. But don’t just trust your room to be safe – thieves will target hotels, or could even be employed there, so be sure to use the safe or lockbox that most hotels provide. If that’s not possible, hide it somewhere really slight, such as a sanitary towel box in the bottom of your locked suitcase – nobody will think to look there.

Honeymoons are a time for relaxation and romance, not panicking about a lost or damaged wedding ring – after all, it’s the vacation of a lifetime.

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