How to Have a Great First Date

First dates evoke a lot of emotions; fear, excitement, and nervousness, among others. While we all know there isn’t a set of rules to follow on a first date, if you tend to feel uncomfortable setting out on these romantic excursions, there are a few things you can keep in mind to put you on the path to a good time.

What to do, What to do?

Dinner and a movie is a classic combination, but it’s not quite right for a first date. During a movie you can’t talk and get to know each other. During dinner you’re a bit trapped if the date isn’t going the way you want it to. Try, instead, going for coffee or a drink. That way if you and your date are getting along you can order one more, or go for a walk. If the date is getting worse by the minute, you can politely excuse yourself pretty quickly because, hey, that’s the end of your drink!

Location, Location, Location

Picasso Restaurant at the BellagioIf you are choosing the location of your first date, don’t go with your usual bar. You may feel most at ease at the pub on your corner because you’re there three nights a week, but there are a couple of reasons this may not be the ideal place for a first date. First, the other person is going to be out of their comfort zone meeting you on your turf. Neutral ground gives both people a chance to fully embrace the blush of excitement and nervousness that comes with a first date. Second, if it works out and you start seeing this person regularly, then great! He already knows where you love to hang out. But if the date goes downhill, you don’t want this person making your regular spot his regular spot. Pick a place you’ve been meaning to try in an area where you’re comfortable.

Dress to Impress…Yourself

Rather than worry about how your date might want you to look, dress in what makes you feel beautiful. Your date should be attracted to who you are, not who they think you should be. If you are wearing something you feel good in, a healthy confidence will shine through. You’ll also be more comfortable and more likely to be yourself–the only person you should be when you’re dating.

Don’t hope it’s your last

A first date is a chance to meet someone new and learn a little about them. If you put too much pressure on the situation, hoping that the person waiting for you at the bar is indeed your soulmate, your prince charming, your one-and-only, you have set impossible expectations for a first meeting. Be excited–you’re about to meet someone new, and you might even have some great stuff in common. Just don’t feel like the rest of your life is riding on it.080105

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