How To Have a Great Staycation

Traveling is always fun, but if you don’t have time or the funds to make a long or even a short journey, plan to have fun at home; there are countless ways to have a great staycation!  Being home for a few days or even a week can do you and your family a lot of good!  Relax, spend quality time with one another, lounge in your pajama’s, sleep in, go to bed late…or early, it doesn’t matter what you do! It’s your staycation! Maybe it means catching up on housework, cleaning out your closet, or working on a home project; the choice is yours.

1. Read that book you have been meaning to for months. What better place to dive into a book than the comfort of your own home.  Lay in bed with a cup of coffee and read for hours…then take a nap!

lovely book !

2. Spend quality time with your family. Put away the electronics and plan a fun day (or days) with the family. Play games, go outside, go for a walk, hit a local park!  And pack a picnic!  Engaging in special activities and interacting with each other is a great way to (re)connect with your loved ones.

3. Movie day! Plan to watch movies all day long or even a TV marathon you haven’t had time to watch.  What’s even better, say in your pajamas all day!  Cozy up with a blanket, snacks, and your favorite beverage and enjoy the time you actually have to “catch up” on the shows you have DVR’d. I know I could use a good couple days of doing that for sure!

4. Spring cleaning. This may not be for all of you, but I personally like getting my closets cleaned out.  Going through clothes, coats, shoes, jewelry and doing that “once a year” clean out is a great option for those of you who want to stay productive. Also, if you donate useable items to a local shelter – you will feel great about having the chore done and giving back.

5. Reminisce.  Look through all of those photos that are tucked away in photo albums, or better yet, get them organized!  I try to categorize and store mine by year, and I haven’t even started on 2014, which means it’s definitely time to get caught up!  Look back on those memories you don’t want to forget, check out past travel pictures, and see where you want to go next…Yes, you can plan a future vacation while on your staycation.

6. Sleep in and stay up late!  How many of us actually even get to do this?  Probably very few.  Some days it’s nice knowing you won’t hear the alarm in the morning, and don’t have to worry about what time you finally decide to turn in for the night. The next morning, make breakfast and take it back to bed with you!  Double bonus!!

A staycation can be whatever you want it to be. Just have fun with it and create memories no different than you would if you were traveling!

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