What Those Guys in Your Life Need #HacksForHim

So often we are focused on beauty and relaxation for women, but it’s important that we don’t forget about those special fellas in our lives.  It could be your father, boyfriend, brother, cousin, friend, etc.  Regardless of who it is, most likely they too care about their appearance and finding ways that they can relax and enjoy life.

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I am excited to have teamed up with two great products that might just be perfect for those men that mean so much to you.  With Father’s Day coming up you could easily give him these as a great gift.  Plus, this pair could not be better.  I’m talking about the best razor and most delicious bottle of wine.

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Yes, wine for the guys.  Come on ladies, how much do we enjoy a wine night?   Well, I’ m sure a little taste of this Yellow Tail Big Bold Red wine and your man will be all over celebrating wine night with you.

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As for the razor, the Lithium POWER series from Remington is the one to get.  I’m not sure there are many things more disgusting than facial hair all over the bathroom sink, floor, shower, you get the idea.  Well, all of that can be avoided with this razor’s built in vacuum.

Seriously, you know it’s time to show these fellas a little love.  Try out these products and let me know how they like them.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided for this post. However, all opinions are and always will remain my own.


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