Gwen Stefani’s Look for Less!

California born and raised Gwen Stefani is not only afraid to sing and shake her booty, but she is also successful fashion designer.  Her clothing and purse line L.A.M.B. started in 2004 and many celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, and Halle Berry have all been spotted wearing something from her L.A.M.B. collection. Her second line. Harajuku Lovers, which was released with her second solo tour, is inspired by the Harjuku street fashion of Tokyo, Japan. This line not only has clothing and purses, but fragrances as well.  In 2011, Stefani came out with Harajuku mini for Target.

What makes Stefani’s clothing line so successful? The line is a reflection of her personal style which incorporates vintage style. Stefani for years has been known for her edgy punk rock style to her pin-up girl look as well. In the picture above she is seen in a pink motorcycle jacket with polka dot jeans. Her black boots give the outfit an edge.  Want this outfit but can’t afford the high price tags? Well this collection is similar but for a lot less than Stefani’s girly rocker outfit.

All the pieces in this set are under $50!

The pink blazer from is $47.

The AC/DC tank top from is $21. Stefani is wearing a white shirt in the picture, but the AC/DC tank gave this outfit more of a rocker edge.

The pink peep toed heels from is $25. The heels give this outfit more femininity instead of Stefani’s boots.

The studded clutch from is $46.

The polka dot leggings from is $15.

Enjoy your girly rocker outfit beauties!


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