Hair Envy: Va Va Volume

Who doesn’t want voluminous hair?  There’s os many ways to achieve bombshell hair volume, from 3 seconds to 3 minutes to 3 days (not really sure where I got 3 from, but you get the idea).  You see Drew Barrymore’s smug grin?  That says, “Yeah, I know.  My hair is turnt up.”

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3 Seconds

Change your part!  Easy right?  When your hair is used to laying in one direction, changing it causes resistance.  The resistance turns into wonderful tousled volume, and the best part is you can do this anywhere, anytime – no tools or products required.

Also, try a dry shampoo.  Second day hair has more oils and texture to hold shapes, but sometimes it feels a little too dirty.  Lift up sections of your hair and spritz dry shampoo at the roots.  Bend over and do a little hair toss – voila!

3 Minutes

adele volume hair

For my girls who prefer morning showers, volume mousse will be your best friend.  Work a gold ball sized amount through damp, not wet, hair, focusing on your roots.  Turn you head upside down and blow dry your hair.  The mousse will boost volume as it dries, and when you flip back over, spend a little extra time admiring your beautiful self in the mirror.

For my fellow night showerers, reach for a volume mist in the morning.  Generously mist the crown of your head, using the same technique as with the dry shampoo.  You’re going to want to section and lift your layers to get an even distribution all around.  Turn upside down again, and quickly blast your hair with a blow dryer.  This method won’t take as much drying time, and you’re still left with big sexy hair.

3 Days

There’s a formula of shampoo for every ailment nowadays.  Take advantage of that and try a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  It is formulated to avoid weighing down your strands, and it deposits protein in your hair, which is essential to help build volume.

Well ladies, pick your poison.  My personal favorite is a volumizing mist, but tweet me @shannonzhu to let me know what yours is!  Happy Hair Days!

P.S.  I know I’m telling you to turn your head upside down a lot.  Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any injuries incurred.  Why?  Because I’ve hit my head on an open cabinet door enough times to sympathize (but really, this is safe!).

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