Hair-Length Specific Accessories

When you venture into your favorite department store or boutique, what are you destined to explore first? If it’s the hair accessories, we have something in common!

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One of the most feminine touches any women can incorporate into their own personal style are hair accessories that range from tiny, ornate pins and berets to the more modern colored or feathered extensions. Regardless of your preference, it is important to keep hair length in mind when selecting which accents you wish to spice up your look with.

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Keep it simple: If you rock a classic pixie or bob cut, kudos to you for being daring! With hair like Michelle Williams, perhaps one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, the best choice would be dainty hair clips, pins, or berets that add an easy, adorable touch without overdoing it with a preposterous headpiece. You’re already confident if you can pull off a short ‘do. Stay naturally beautiful!

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Mix it up: For those with medium locks, pretty much anything goes! Similar to Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous signature look, you have many options. Being that your hair is versatile, try whichever accessory appeals to you most until you can nail your own unique look. Experiment with colorful hats, vibrant head wraps, or flowery headbands to make yourself stand out in the crowd!


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Add some flair: For the woman whose hair goes on for miles, why not expanding on and adding more to your beauty? Like one of my favorite celebrities, Kim Kardashian, you have the freedom to accentuate with neon-colored or feathered hair extensions that will add a funky pizzazz to your already Rapunzel-esque locks. If your ‘do is weighing you down, have no fear! Elastic ponytails and bright bandanas will still do the trick.



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