Halloween Trends

Now that Halloween season is unfortunately over (don’t worry–you’re not the only one crying about it), it’s time to look back at the trendiest and most popular costumes this year! We saw so many creative costumes this year, but also a lot of people portraying the same things! Here are a few of the most popular, trendiest costumes:

Waldo. This Halloween we found Waldo everywhere, seriously. It was hard not to go to a party or out on Halloween without coming across this red and white striped character. This costume seemed to be particularly popular among the guys. We’re not sure what sparked the sudden Waldo infestation, but we thought it was both funny and cute! 

Superheroes. It’s no surprise that superheroes are always a popular costume among all genders and all ages, but this year in particular seemed to have the largest amount of superheroes. This past year the newest Batman and Spiderman movies came out, as well as “The Avengers.” These movies brought out the superheroes in all of us and it was fun seeing all the different interpretations of the classic characters. The Batman crew, though, seemed to be most popular of all. We saw this mysterious superhero multiple times along with a few of his famous villains like Poison Ivy and the Joker.

Minnie Mouse. Let’s be real–who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? Every year it seems like the amount of Minnie Mouse costumes drastically increases. We wouldn’t be surprised if one year every single person was dressed up as this cute character! We don’t mind it, though. It’s actually fun seeing multiple  versions around because it seems like everyone dresses as her in a different way. It’s nice to see a little variety with such a common costume.

Olympic Athletes. This year, everyone wanted to be an Olympic athlete and on Halloween, a lot of people lived out that dream. We saw people dressed up as the fab five gymnasts, the most popular swimmers and divers and everything in-between. We were very impressed. Halloween has the power to bring out the olympian in all of us.

Sophia Grace & Rosie. This Halloween many people weren’t just any old princesses, they were the British rapping cuties, Sophia Grace and Rosie! We absolutely loved seeing this costume spring up everywhere. It’s clear that we can never get enough of those adorable cousins and their videos. Bonus points were given to those who dressed up as this duo and spoke in British accents the entire night and rapped. It’s all about getting into character, right?

What were some of the trendiest and most popular costumes you saw this Halloween? Any costumes you absolutely loved or hated? What did you dress up as? Let us know!


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