Handbag and Jacket Combos That Look Great Together

Being bolder than ever seems to be a fall trend this year and a look that has been all the way over the runway (and is actually safe for those more timid fashionistas) is a bold patterned or colored handbag. This is a great trend because it means you can be comfortable and safe in what you would normally wear but adding a bold bag gives your outfit that extra something special. Here are some great outfit-bag combos that will make you feel confident and classy in no time!

Check out these Handbag and Jacket Combos That Look Great Together.

Pair a houndstooth jacket with this gorgeous periwinkle blue bag.


Pair a cute green summer dress with black tights and boots and a little hot pink to look electric!

Add a little sass to your sweet polka dot dress with neon green and studs

The beauty of this fall trend is that you can go as simple or as crazy as you desire! The sky is the limit! You can experiment with the different patterns on your outfits versus the patterns on your bags. Also color blocking is still a fall trend… It really is your choice! We think this is the perfect solution to brightening up those dreary fall days and why not even get festive with your outfit/bag combo’s since the holidays are coming?

Try rocking out an orange bag around Halloween, whatever color inspires and motivates you during Diwali, blue and white for Hanukkah and bright red or green around Christmas. It is so much fun to play around with colors, and color makes everyone happy, right?

Enjoy and rock out your favorite bright color and you might just get noticed!

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