Headbands: A Blair Waldorf Accessory

Looking for a fun and easy hairstyle that takes literally no time at all, but can still transform your outfit? The headband might just be your thing. Take some tips from Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl.

Headbands were Blair’s go-to accessory back when she was at Constance Billards School. Whether it was simple and elegant, or had a huge ruffled bow on one side, Blair almost always managed to find a way to incorporate a headband into her outfit.

A favorite of hers was to wear a brightly colored headband (for example, red or yellow) with a more subtle or darker colored outfit, to give it some character. Another favorite of hers were headbands with a huge, attention-grabbing bow or flower on the side. These can add a nice girly touch to your outfit.

Photo credit: http://img2.timeinc.net/instyle/images/2009/GalxMonth/04/042709_blair6_300x400.jpg

In the picture above, Blair pairs a bright red headband with a more subtle suit jacket, making the outfit stand out and look bolder.

Photo credit: http://hoysauce.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/blair1.jpg

           In this picture, Blair sports a white headband with a large flower on one side.

So next time you’re going shopping,  head over to Nordstrom or some other store which sells hair supplies and accessories,  and check out their collection of headbands. Remember, the right headband can make an ordinary ensemble extraordinary.

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    • Maddie
    • July 23, 2012

    I’m not sure if I could pull off some of these headbands, but I love how simple and easy they are.

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