The Health Benefits of Sleeping

Health Benefits of Sleeping
You know those old sayings “sleep is for the weak” and “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” Well, they are actually sending a wrong message. In fact, contrary to popular belief, sleep is extremely important. Your body needs sleep, whether you think it does or not. And the less you sleep the weaker you actually become. So that saying “sleep is for the weak” isn’t actually correct.

Most people need at least eight hours of sleep a night, although some people can function properly with six or seven and others need around nine or ten. Whether you need more sleep to get your day started or a little less, your body needs to sleep; it’s crucial to your health.  Check out the health benefits of sleeping.

Sleep actually helps fight off sicknesses. There is a reason that when you’re sick all you really want to do is sleep! When a person is deprived of sleep his or her immune system can be altered, which isn’t a good thing. If you get a regular amount of sleep every night, your body can do it’s job and fight off the diseases and illnesses it needs to. Without sleep you’re more prone to get sick.

Getting the right amount of sleep can also help improve memory. So staying up late to study for a test isn’t actually a good thing. Pulling an “all-nighter”  can make you do worse on your test. But, studying before you sleep isn’t bad at all! Actually, it’s really smart thing to do! When you sleep after learning something your brain stores what you just learned in it’s memory. But remember when studying before you sleep to actually go to sleep! A good nights rest can also help you do well on your next exam.

While sleep is really beneficial and actually needed, it’s important to remember that too much sleep can also have a negative effect on your body. When you sleep too much or stay in bed all day, your body grow lethargic and soon all you’ll want to do is sleep. It’s important to make sure you get out of bed or off of the couch and do something active and productive every day. If you keep up with normal sleep patterns your body will be thanking you in the long run.

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    • June 25, 2012

    Great article. thanks for the advice 🙂

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