Health Improvements To Make You Feel Your Very Best

by Sarah Ruhlman
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In our busy lives, we can sometimes neglect our health and wellbeing. Thankfully, finding ways to improve our health and make ourselves feel our very best has never been easier. There are a number of quick but effective changes we can all make to feel fitter and healthier. Let’s look at what a few of them are.

Looking at your diet be a real eye opener. Try keeping a food diary for a few days. Keep a record of all you eat and drink. Use your phone or tablet and you can access a wide range of apps to help you with this. It is surprising to look back and see what your diet actually looks like and will help you identify how balanced your daily intake is. Making changes can then be so easier.


Consider the benefit of supplements. They not only help you balance your diet alongside a busy lifestyle but also have health benefits. Neglect your digestion at your peril. Feeling bloated and lethargic isn’t good for anyone. Keeping your gut in good condition with friendly bacteria is a great start to improving your health. Check out Salivarus as an effective supplement to help you on your way. Look at your vitamin intake and you may find supplements help you achieve your 5-a-day.

So, how much exercise do you manage to fit into your life? For many of us, we avoid this question and discover we have a huge file of excuses we can call upon to explain away our lack of exercise. Signing up for the gym or finding a personal trainer may seem rather drastic, so, now make the decision to take baby steps. Walking the school run rather than jumping in the car. Walk the dog with a friend and you will both improve your health. Maybe buying a Swing Ball game for the back garden! You may find this not only improves your health but will find you discovering the joy of laughter and a bit of competition! It will all go toward improving your well-being. Getting those endorphins going can only be for the good.


Don’t feel you are on your own in this. You may find a visit to your GP is a good idea. They can organize a kind of MOT for you to check such things as blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This can offer you reassurance and also pick up any potential problems your lifestyle is having on your health. Your GP will have a wealth of information and guidance you can access, so make that appointment now!

Finally, let’s consider your physical health and how this can be improved. Having a holistic approach will be far more effective. Find time for you. Think about what you enjoy doing and how you relax. Could you find time for a new hobby or even an hour to meet with friends and have a coffee. Relaxation in any form is essential for our wellbeing so don’t neglect and ignore. Treat yourself; you deserve it!

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