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no splendaIt wasn’t until a few months ago that I stopped using artificial sweeteners, after a girfriend of mine scorned me.  Whenever we would have coffee or tea, she would always use regular sugar, in moderation of course.  I had been consuming Splenda for years and years, and when I decided to have a soda (usually mixed with rum), it was always diet.

I decided to get on her bandwagon and give it up…she would always say to me “You know you shouldn’t be eating that.”  Artificial sweeteners are in so many products, I didn’t really realize how much I was consuming.  For instance, we love this mocha coffee drink that is premixed, and, of course, they make a “light” version. The less sugar, the better, right? Yes, but  unfortunately, this sugar is replaced with aspartame, an ingredient in artificial sugars. Darn it! So I switched to regular, knowing there is more calories, but I work out and brush my teeth like crazy, so there was no reason for me not to switch.

I still try not to consume too much sugar, however, and have found two products that I love to use to sweeten whatever I think needs it! Honey and Agave Nectar. They are just downright tasty!  I was never a honey fan growing up, but after re-tasting it… I am hooked. I try to buy all natural too, same goes for Agave honeynectar. It is delicious.  I use it both in hot tea or water to give it that little extra sweet taste, not to mention, feel so much better about not consuming something “artificial”.  Top your oatmeal or toast with either one for a yummy breakfast!  They are great for baking too.  I buy mine at Aldi. Simply Nature is the brand, and they are organic. Look for products containing raw or cane sugar.

Honey also has many great benefits. It’s a cough suppressant (I have done this and it worked for me), boosts your memory, and provides nutrients.  Try adding it to your water for an extra bit of workout fuel. It may help with seasonal allergies and help to keep your white blood cell count where it should be!  Remember with Agave Nectar, it is much sweeter than sugar, so you can use less!

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