Healthy Living Made Manageable

by Sarah Ruhlman
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There are so many easy steps you can take towards a healthy lifestyle. There is information everywhere about eating better food, exercising more, and improving your mental health. But even with this overload of information, healthy living can seem unachievable. You may attempt, with the best of intentions, to get up at five every day and go for a run. In reality, though, how long does that last? Probably not even for one morning. It’s likely you press snooze on your alarm and forget all about the idea. And who can blame you?


The trick to healthy living is keeping your goals small. With small goals to aim for, you’re much more likely to take the plunge.


If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, there’s little room for smoking in it. We all know about the diseases – lung cancer, heart disease, COPD, among others. You might find, as you take steps towards a healthier you, that you notice the effect of smoking on your body. Good! Quitting can be scary, and you don’t have to go cold turkey straight away if that sounds like too much. Why not try cutting down first? Smoking less is still a positive change. It will also make it easier when the time does come to quit altogether.


Healthy eating is a great way to make yourself feel better fast. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, though! Healthy eating doesn’t mean rabbit food and starvation. Remember, this isn’t about dieting; it’s about health. Eating a healthy diet is easier than you think. Your portions can be as large as you like, as long as you’re eating the right types of food.


This is probably the one you’ve been dreading. Exercise is always going to help you in living a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t need to be extreme. You don’t have to go out jogging or get sweaty at the gym. The key is to move more, whatever that means to you. Your daily exercise could be a brisk walk. Yoga can also be a fantastic, chilled way to get your daily exercise in. It has the added bonus of looking after your mind a little too! Feeling more zen is always good for the health.


Getting enough sleep is important for mind and body. Whether you stay up late working, or just can’t get to sleep, it’s important you get enough hours in! It may seem like a good idea to stay up that extra hour and finish the project you’re working on, but it’s never worth it. You may be attempting to be more productive, but it’s bound to backfire. You’ll probably be so tired the next day that you end up lethargic and useless. How can you set about these exciting new changes, if you feel like that? You’ll end up filling up on easy, freezer food, and laying on the sofa instead of exercising. Don’t let a lack of sleep ruin all your efforts!

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