High Hair: Ponytails & Buns

With the weather already creeping it’s way up to the high 80s in most places across the country, most women have taken to updos that take their hair away from their face.  Who wants their hair on their back when the sun is beaming?  With celebrities rocking updos now more than ever, they have given us the inspiration to do the same, with a little twist.

Stars such as Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea and Adrienne Bailon are noted numerous times for their sleek ponytails and buns.  Kim K likes to add pieces to make the look her own, while Iggy and Adrienne have hair colors that make them stand out from a crowd.

Pontyails and buns not only keep you looking fab in hot weather, but they also let you focus on your face.  We take a note from Kim K’s style again, seeing that an updo keeps the attention on your facial features, so make sure to do them up.  Below she makes sure her face is beat, complete with false lashes, a nude makeup palette, and freshly groomed brows.


Singers like Cassie and Rihanna keep it funky with shave sides, best only for the brave at heart.

The great thing about this look is that it’s not only chic, but its a wonderful protective style.  If you’re like me and have short hair and would love to try this trend out, no worries- get a hair piece!  See below for more updo ideas to keep your hair looking its best this summer!


Mariah Carey

Katie Cassidy

-Kairi C.


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