High-Waisted Honey

Undoubtedly, one of our absolute favorite summer items is the versatile and flirty high-waisted short. In this hot, hot heat, there is nothing more perfect than to throw on a pair of high-waisted shorts and crop top, floral blouse, or bralette – the possibilities are endless. It is such an easy way to look chic and well put together with a minimal amount of effort, and when all I want to do is lay out and spend the long summer days with friends and family this quick trick to looking hot is right up my alley.

Unlike those daisy dukes, which show just as much leg as the high-waisted alternative, these shorts have some extra fabric which is perfect for hiding some undesirable spots like that unattractive muffin top. The beauty of these shorts is rather than hitting you along your hipbone, the widest part of your torso, they fall at your waist, which is your tinniest area. They instantly slim. And that is a plus.

I also love cropped tops, they are so simple, relaxed and scream summer, but I don’t like showing my midriff. So how can I wear these adorable tops? With high-wasted shorts. Where a crop top ends, your shorts begin. Finally, a perfect way to indulge in the trendiness of the crop top without feeling so scandalous.

But when the hem of your top falls lower than your navel, you can tuck in any blouse to these high-waisted shorts. And add another layer of fun by wearing a cute thin belt which will only draw more positive attention to that tiny waistline.

With high-waisted shorts becoming such a rising trend you can find so many flavors and personalities for any occasion or outfit. You can, not only sport these shorts in the classic denim, but in assortments like ombre or tie die, and with details like studs, appliqués, or other fun materials. There is no limit to how you can personalize these bottoms. Some have even taken on the task of the DIY high-waisted short (which is easier –and cheaper than you may think).

If you want to make your own high-waisted shorts I would start by heading to a place like the Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange where you can find a lightly loved pair of Levi’s or competitive brand of high waisted denim for a reasonable price. Once at home cut the bottoms at an angle to make the perfect length short for you. Now feel free to personalize them by heading to Joannes or Michaels where you can find patches, fabric dyes, studs, or let your creativity be your guide.

No matter how you wear them, these sky-high shorts are the perfect piece to keep in your summer wardrobe. (And thinking ahead to fall just pair with boots and tights!) They go great with any top and are effortless and trendy. You can be a hot high-waisted honey this summer; all you need is a pair (or two) of high-waisted shorts.


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