3 Hobbies You Should Try This Spring

Spring. The flowers are coming out, the sun’s becoming a little more friendly, the birds are chirping, and you’re… sitting in your apartment? Heck no! Sometimes when spring comes around, all you want to do is get out of the house, but all of your friends are too busy to do anything! Here are some fun, stimulating pastimes to take up this spring that you can do all by yourself! These are the best spring hobbies.

Bike Riding

An old hobby that never dies! Plus this is one activity that involves both exercising AND showing off your style! An hour long bike ride can burn 500 to 600 cals! AND, if you’re worried about how you look on one, a 1950s, old fashion, colored bike with a little basket on the front is super cute and can sell for around 30 bucks… yes, please! If that isn’t cool enough, you can look even cuter on your new bike wearing a dress and flats… just make sure you wear shorts underneath! Yikes!


Not much of an artist? You might surprise yourself with this one! I, personally, love painting especially with oil paints, and, honestly, it’s not as hard as it looks! If you need a little help starting off, print out a small picture of something you would like to paint, project it onto a wall, and trace it onto your canvas… it’s as simple as that.

Then, it’s just like coloring! You’ll end up learning more and more each time you paint,and, pretty soon, you’ll be painting things by yourself! You might just create something worthy of filling that empty space in the living room. Plus, this is a hobby that you can do anywhere you want; in the house, at the beach, on the porch… wherever you want! And it’s super relaxing and peaceful… a really good way to clear your mind and express yourself in a different way.

You can soak up the rays,have a glass of tea, and relax your mind. Canvases can be sold for $7 at Hobby Lobby, a brush for $6, and paints for around $10… just remember some water and a paper towel to wash your brush when switching colors!

Take some Shots… Photos that is!

Another fun way to get out of the house AND show some creativity! Head to your local park, creek, field, or anyplace you deem awesome and snap some pics! For more fun, make your pictures into a journal of sorts… something that will help you remember the day. That way you can look back and remember the day you spent with just yourself and your thoughts and how much fun you had doing it!

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