Holiday Weight Gain Survival Guide



Oh, the holidays–that time of year when all the scrumptious and irresistible food is tempting you to betray the healthy body you’ve worked so hard for! In your heart of hearts, you want that piece of pie or cake, but you know for sure that those extra calories will make you regret it. So, what should you do in these dark and ominous times called the holidays?

Well, for starters, watch your portions. Portion control is key during this time. When there’s so much awesome food around, it’s easy to overstuff yourself on things that have little nutritional value like cakes, pies, custards, cookies, juices, and sodas. Try to avoid these. If you must have a taste, then it’s a great time to practice moderation.

Another great tip for holiday feasting is to choose the healthy alternative. If you see a lovely fruitcake on the table, skip it. Satisfy your sweet tooth with actual fruit. Grapes, apples, and berries make a great fruit salad on their own. Try this approach with each food obstacle you face this season.

You could also plan ahead. If you’re in charge of a meal this holiday season, make something that you know will be good for you in addition to the foods you usually prepare for family and friends. Set your own special meal aside and enjoy it without feeling too guilty.

It’s also a great idea to skip calorie heavy beverages like sodas, juices and alcoholic drinks. Have bottled water ready to grab whenever you need to wash down your food or feel thirsty.

And don’t forget to squeeze in those workouts. The holidays are a busy time but that’s no excuse to let your fitness routine fade into the background. There are plenty of easy ways to squeeze in a workout at home or at the gym. They don’t have to be long—just as long as they get the job done and make you feel good You might even try walking a few laps around the department store while holiday shopping!

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